Getting the ball rolling

Got some free time on my hands, so I'm setting up this blog to share some of my favorite moments from some of the great, (And not so great) movies and Television shows out there.

The first scene I've chosen to blog, is from Mike Judge's Office Space, starting (among other) Ron Livingston, Jennifer Anistion and Gary Cole. The movie follows Peter Gibbons (Ron Lovingston) in very routine office job, reprogramming bank software for the expected Y2K disaster. Much of the movie revolves around common day annoyances of office life. I wont give away the major plot of the movie, but I will say it's other a watch, and it's title as a cult classic.

In this scene Gibbons and his fellow workmates, vent their anger on the office fax machine, which had been refusing to work correctly.

The song in the video is Ghetto Boyz - Still

Office Space At  IMDb


  1. xD love that scene. I like the song 'Damn it feels good to be a gangster' by geto boyz. Its in the movie

  2. hahaha hilarious clip =P

  3. I've seen this clip before but never ceases to make me lol

  4. Yeah Die Moth** F**ker printer ROFL hahahahhaha